The Gubernatorial candidate of Action People’s Party (APP) in Ebonyi State, ELechi Oko Elechi, says he will generate N13 billion Naira as internally generated revenue from the South-East State when elected into office. In an email interview with us, he laid out his plans as also contained in his party’s manifesto. “The magic behind it is simple, with 10 megawatts generated per local government, we’ll guarantee One Billion Naira which returns to the local government purse as IGR yearly. This will ultimately reduce over-taxation in the system, so little or no subvention would be expected from the centre”, He wrote.

While insisting that this maverick plan will be connected to power generation, Elechi Oko Elechi said, “We intend to take off Ebonyi state from the national grid by exploring legal frameworks through sound energy legal experts and then build a mini-grid power solution he termed “captive generation”. As we are in touch with original equipment manufactures (OEM) and investors on power generation, this will be at zero cost to our government. The investors/OEM will bear a 100% investment risk, they will also meter every home and office at their own cost for effective/qualitative return on investment in collaboration with the local governments.”

According to his plan, part of the IGR would also go into infrastructural development of the LGAs, like the building of schools, roads, hospitals and industrial parks and he will ensure that investors follow strictly on all agreements towards their community social responsibilities.

He further explains that the captive generation project (CGP) will be decentralized to all 13 local government areas in the state. This move would help his administration to avoid the single point of failure and power losses on long-distance transmission associated with the national grid system.

Elechi also noted that the increased revenue will make it easier to tackle the wage bill. “By decentralizing power generation and distribution to the local governments, we would have created autonomy, increased IGR, thus creating Jobs. With this kind of system in place, we’ll comfortably pay the proposed N30,000 Naira minimum wage and review upwardly as time goes on.”

The Gubernatorial candidate stated that Ebonyi is endowed with over 25 mineral resources and of necessity needs electricity for the ease of mining in other to develop those communities. “It’s time to think out of the box and leverage on the endless possibilities in the salt of the nation, Ebonyi.”