Heineken reached a million settlement last year in a fraud case in Nigeria. CEO Nico Vervelde was suspended for up to seven years in prison for abusing power, but he was promoted to Singapore. The case is not isolated.

‘I’m having a good time in Nigeria. I love an international environment and work in a different culture, “says Nico Vervelde. It is February 6, 2017 and Heineken’s CEO in Nigeria tells Elsevier enthusiastically about his work and life in the largest country in Africa at the Radisson Blu Hotel in his hometown Lagos . He orders a club sandwich with bacon and fries, poses for the photo by the pool and talks about his hobbies: golf and running. No, he says, he will not leave here for the time being. Life smiles towards Vervelde, it seems. 

Less than three months later he submits his resignation to Nigerian Breweries, the local subsidiary of Heineken. He left Singapore with a silent drum. What happened?